North Games Jam

 Turn your brilliant idea into amazing game!

What is it?

North Games Jam is a free online-based game jam, which brings developers and all the aspiring people together to create awesome games during 14-day development period.

Show us your game, get the unique feedback from the audience and the jury, collect the votes and win the Unity Pro! 

The event starts at 00:00 (UTC/GMT+02:00) on February 2 and lasts till 23:59 (UTC/GMT+02:00) of February 15

The Winners and Prizes

The best projects according to audience votes and the jury opinion

Winners are games

  • with the greatest number of votes by the end of the Jam
  • selected by the jury


Press this button to vote for your favourite games


The Jury

Jyri Partanen (Rovio, IGDA Finland)

Kim Soares (Kukouri Mobile Entertainment)

Mathias Johansson (SkyGoblin)

Liudas Ubarevičius (SneakyBox)



  • Title of the Champion of First North Games Jam!

  • Unity Pro 365-days subscribtion

  • Unique feedback from our jury elected from game industry professionals



  • Come with existing team

  • Use pre-made assets and early-stage alpha

  • Unity Pro trials for all participants!



  1. The Jam is free to participate and open for everyone.

  2. For participation you only have to register your project on or join the existing one.

  3. Each project has its own page where developers post the description of their game and available positions in the team, and, a feedback board for communication with experts and the audience.

  4. The best projects are selected among all participants by the audience votes and the jury.

  5. You aren't allowed to submit already published or launched game. If you earn with it this is wrong place for you. 


Participation in a nutshell

Advice: frequently check your project page to keep in touch with the audience and the jury and receive the necessary feedback. Remember that your chances to win depend on the community and their appreciation. 


Game description advice

The first impression matters, so clear and detailed description can give you chance to attract more players and create awareness for your game!

Here are some points you can include to the description.

  1. Overview on gameplay, setting and development stage

  2. Screenshots, videos, if we can’t play the game show us what we missed

  3. Description on how to run the game, make it clear and easy to understand what we gotta do if the game doesn’t work in browser

  4. Updates, let everyone know how the game evolves during the event and what new features you add

  5. Your team, we’d like to know our heroes!

  6. Contacts, keep in touch in case you are looking for help or want to have instant connection with the audience


Remember! It’s not required to include any of these points, it’s all up to you!  



Q: I have a number of projects, do I have to choose one?

A: No, there is no limit for projects per participant/team.


Q: I have been working on my game for a while already, can I participate?

A: Of course! Just ensure your game isn’t released/ launched/ published yet. 


Q: Am I allowed to update the build after submission?

A: Yes, you are, however there is no way we can guarantee that the jury hadn’t looked into your game already, so your update might be left unnoticed. Make sure you update the build as soon as possible.


Q: What is the required platform we develop for?

A: The main requirement is the playable alpha version. The platform is unimportant as long as you provide us with the clear description on how can we can run your game. Of course, PC or browser would be the ultimate decision, however it’s up to you!


Q: I have missed the start of the Jam, can I still take part into it?

A: Sure, you can register a minute before the end, however your game wouldn’t be noticed. So if you are late maybe you should consider joining an existing team rather than creating your own project., North Games Jam organizers and affiliates claim no rights or ownership of your game. You made it and it belongs to you! 

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North Games Jam

Feb. 2, 2015, midnight


Feb. 15, 2015, 11:59 p.m.

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