Paper Flight

In Paper Flight the player has to land paper planes thrown from a tall building. Landed planes can be re-used, however if a plane crashes paper is lost. As some levels are complete the game gets more challenging.

Update1: Trying to balance gameplay, toggle planes with T, 2 bugs fixed.
Note I'm still working on a tutorial.


1. Press W (or UP) to spawn a paper plane (your remaining paper is in the top left corner)
2. Your first plane will be automaticly selected.
3. Steer with A and D (or LEFT/RIGHT) buttons
4. If you have spawned more than one plane, 
press T or R to toggle selected plane.
5. Your goal is to keep your planes on the screen and avoid collisions
6. You get score after planes landed, when you have the score you need you can advance to the next level
Press M to mute music.
Press 0 to start over from level one.


Currently any modern desktop browser (Chrome is recommended). (IE9 32bit works without sound: ) 
Mobile support is coming soon (only tablets/devices with larger screen).


The game was made entirely during the competition except for the music.

Please comment, give us feedback!

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Land your paper planes safely while avoiding collisions.


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