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This is the 1st Game we have ever managed to create & have it be ready for a Early-Demo release.

" We are tired but so proud of what we did during these past 2 weeks. There are still some bugs appearing (some with the Ghosts and their shields) and we will try to fix them as they get discovered, so please report all weird things that happen ....Thank You "     - Jonas Puuronen


This is our take on the Platformer genre. 

You fight your way thru the world using all your skills while smashing Diglets & Ghosts that have taken over the lands.

" To play the Demo you need a Keyboard so yea its a PC game "

Some gameplay tips under the image!

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Tips for playing & controlling ITCH:

1. ITCH's movement is really fast and he moves left and right by pressing A or D


2. ITCH has a jump that is very short if presed only once fast.. if you hold the jump button he will sustain the jump in the air a little longe.


3. He also has a second jump.. so while your jumping and in the air.. press jump again to perform a double jump.. the jump sustain works for this double jump also.. this will enable him to jump really far if the jump is timed right so you need to practice a little to master it..  he has jump sustain on both the 1st & 2nd jump!


4. In order to cover the max jump distance you have to hold the movement buttons also while jumping! if you let go of A or D during jump ITCH will stop and drop down. This is to enable the max control of ITCH's movements in any situation thus making it a challenge to get him from place A to B.


5. If the game feels a little laggy.. make your browser window smaller! the game scales the resolution based on browser size and since the game is hosted in its not really fast enough always for full screen performance to be smooth.. smaller browser window will make the game scale down and be faster to download from the drive!


Video of the Gameplay: sorry for the low quality on the sound...

See if you can manage to complete this short but awesome demo!

Here is a little about us:

We are a two students at JAMK: University of Applied Sciences. Both of us study in the Music and Media Management Program. We both have a heavily artistic side background so we are not the most efficient programmers but we are learning. We took this Two week challenge really serious since both of us wish to work in the game industry after our studies but enough about us your here for the game.

The story of how we came up with and created ITCH:

The idea was basically inspired by old platformer games that really perfected the art of jumping and then we added our own flavour like Energy Charging, Force Blast & Punching.. We had so many more ideas to implement even for this demo but getting everything to work with a two week rush was a challenge so we cut some of the skills out and instead focused making the art more amazing and making the game feel good to play but dont worry further versions will have more crazy skills and ideas added.. 

So all the beautifull art for this game was designed and made by us in less than two weeks.. Nico was the main visualizing party behind the look of the characters and I added some flair and further color to the concept. It was a fun process to design all these awesome things and also to animate everything... ITCH has a lot of animations that all try to give him a real personality. The art was done in Photoshop and the animation was done using Spriter.

For making the game.. since we are not at a high level of programming skill we ended up using an amazing program called Construct 2 since we both are still just learning Unity.. It worked really well for us since Construct 2 is very graphically heavy program.. We learned so much during these past two weeks about Construct 2 and making games in general.. and the amount of testing we did while making the game took a lot of time but we are really happy with what we produced.

As we stated this is our first ever creation and we would love all the feedback we can get to further develop the game and ourselfs as game designers :D

URL to the google drive host Demo:

This link brings you directly to the Game menu:

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This is our take on the platformer genre. Jump, Punch, Charge & Use the Force to save the world from Ghosts & Diglets!


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