Peace gone. Tomorrow - gone. Shaman said: "Flaming sky - scorched ground, soon." Shaman said: "Death here. Life - somewhere." Tribe sets off. Big Pass.

Tribe is a tactical runner that features branching story and resource management. Two types of activities entwine here: passes and events.

Passes are what the Tribe is about dynamically: tribesmen make their way through the unfriendly wilds encountering a quick river, a herb, a human and a beast of various danger, what have you. You play around encounters, splitting and uniting the tribe, arming it properly, making sure there's plenty of food and people still left by the end of the pass.

Events are text quests as you know them best: dialogues with characters, supprotive artwork, decision-making - consequence-embracing, eventually. Now, both passes and events are procedurally built based strongly on the player's previous decisions. But while passes are all about tactical tasks, events is the very time to think about future interaction with the world - and a place in it, still to be earned.

The Tribe started as a 3-week prototype and remained like that for about a year - until the artist has finally stepped in. There are three of us now:

1. Stanislav Shostak (code, game design, original idea). Has been connected to gamedev for a while now.  last 2 years actively working on his design and coding skills.

2. Eugene Yudin (visual art). Had had his fair share of graphics designer life and had transferred to gamedev at some point. Several no-get-alongs with major companies gave him the right impulse to step up and volunteer for interesting indie projects, where perspectives meet the pleasurable work.

3. Alexzander Protasenya (text, game design). Makes little side projects nights and weekends, but also works on games in the day-light. Dreams of making a decent game all-solo someday.

4. Ruslan Viter(Composer\Sound Designer) In gamedev more then 2 years. Loves bring the atmosphere in the project.

These days we're almost remaking the whole game: re-write our Flash prototype in Unity3D, draw pretty sprites, evolve design and write text. Encounters in passes are almost done, more stuff coming up during this jam.

WIP build is always available over here:

For the sake of historical justice here's also a link to that Flash prototype that started all this:
Comments from November 2014 down there are about this initial build.

We've also made some social media presence, so please subscribe for you to get the updates and for us to get your insights, ideas, opinions:

Facebook(mostly RU) | Twitter(mostly EN) | Vkontakte(RU)

Now is the best time to influence the gameplay for major parts of the game are still in the making, so don't hesitate to speak up!

And a bit more pixelart as a P.S. for you all:

Project's logo

The Tribe is a refugee tribe simulator, currently being made of evasion runs, text quests and procedural generation.


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