This is my first game!

Blox is a fast paced, 2D, tile-based arcade game for mobile. The player must capture all of the marked blocks from each level to move on. Once the timer runs out the game is over. This game is in an alpha state so it is still missing some features but the core gameplay is implemented and functioning.

NOTE: This game is designed for mobile so playing it on a desktop browser can be kinda wonky.


Unfortunately I had a busy couple weeks with classes so I didn't get to work on this as much as I would have liked. I did get the 'Game Over' screen finished and added to the prototype. I'm still working on adding some sound effects and music but may not have them implemented by the deadline.

The Team

My name is Avery Wells and I am currently in my last semester as an undergrad at the University of Missouri. In the fall I will enroll as a graduate student at Mizzou to begin the trek of getting my Master’s in CS. I have had a passion for coding and all things software engineering for some time and have recently taken an interest in the world of tech startups. When I am not at my computer you can find me on the golf course or at a Mizzou game.




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Blox is a fast paced, 2D, tile-based arcade game for mobile.


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